5 Key Questions To Ask Of Your Potential Office Removalists

If you are responsible for planning an office relocation for a business, if you intend to do it correctly, you should have a checklist with a series of tasks that need to be carried out. Hopefully, at the top of that list is choosing a professional removalists company to assist with and implement your relocation. Whether your relocation is down the road or interstate can help you determine on which company to hire, if it is the latter, interstate removalists are necessary.

We will say that upfront because if you try to do an office relocation on the cheap, or cut corners by hiring a van and asking staff to help out, it will certainly prove to be a lot more difficult than it need be. Save yourself the stress, the upheaval, and the regrets by only hiring professionals to help you with your office relocation.

You should not simply pick a removalist company at random. You should do some research, and as part of that, there are specific questions which you want to be answered. In particular, there are the five below which, if the answers are satisfactory, indicate that the removalist company which provides those answers, should also provide you with an excellent office relocation experience and customer service.

Do They Offer A Complete Range Of Services Including Packaging Materials And Packing?

One of the first questions you need answering is what package of services a removalist company offers. Be wary of those that are no more than a ‘man with a van’. Your preference should be for a removalist company that provides everything from A to Z, which includes help with planning, providing suitable packaging materials, a packing service, and the complete moving and transportation of everything which is being relocated.

Can They Provide Testimonials And Reviews From Previous Clients?

It might seem an obvious point, but you want to entrust your office relocation to a company that has a checkable track record. This can take many forms including recommendations from people whose judgement you trust, testimonials, and online reviews. They may have some of these on their website, but the best insights come from reviews that are posted on other sites like Trustpilot, as these are independent.

Do They Have Industry Recognised Credentials And Accreditation?

As well as knowing that previous clients have had a positive experience, you also want to know if the removalist company you considering using for your office relocation is recognised within its industry. Accreditation from industry groups, safety certificates, and membership of the local chambers of commerce all point to a removalists company that is legitimate and trustworthy.

Do They Provide You With A Fully Costed And Detailed Written Quotation?

This is where you get down to the nitty-gritty of your relocation and determine what it is going to cost. For this, you should accept nothing less than a fully costed quotation, which is written and signifies that there are no additional charges or fees to be added unless they are for optional services which you later choose to use. Never accept verbal or an unitemised quote, as it leaves room for ambiguity and extra fees being added.

Do They Provide Warranties, Guarantees, And Insurance In Case Something Goes Wrong?

Whilst the vast majority of office relocations go smoothly, there is always the possibility of something awry happening, such as it an item of office equipment being dropped or the removalist truck being in an accident. This is why you need confirmation of the removalists guarantees, warranties, and insurance to cover any loss or damage which occurs during your office relocation.