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The Digital Marketing Landscape Around The World

The Digital Marketing Landscape Around The World

One of the positive consequences of the internet’s creation is that it has allowed business connections to be made across countries that might not previously have been possible, and that can be seen in all its glory in the realm of digital marketing. As such, it is common to have a business in Canada employ a digital marketing agency based in Australia such as to promote its products around the world.

Whilst each country has its own culture, laws, and identity, there are also different business needs relating to digital marketing, and what digital marketing skills are most wanted by business owners and digital marketing agencies.

Research the needs of various countries you will soon discover that in many parts of the world there is a high demand for digital marketing skills, however, in many cases there appears to be a shortage of them. That might come as surprise to those who have those skills but who also seem to have difficulty finding clients willing to pay for them.

From this, it indicates those looking for digital marketers are looking too narrowly, and some digital marketers are not doing enough to promote themselves to a broader audience beyond their location. Some examples follow of what issues exist across the world and specifically in those countries where the demand for digital marketing and marketers is highest.

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7 Tips for Ensuring Your Office Relocation Has No Unexpected Dramas

7 Tips for Ensuring Your Office Relocation Has No Unexpected Dramas

One of the risks of an office relaxation is that it can become an unwieldy mess and that rather than the move being seen as positive, it is viewed by all concerned, including your employees and clients as a negative step. The most common ways that negative scenario occurs are that the relocation is poorly planned, professional office removalists are not used, such as Brilliance Removalists and no support is sought from anyone else.

Rather than list all the other negatives we thought it would be more useful to offer seven tips which are tried and tested in making an office relocation a stress-free, highly organised, and ultimately, a positive event in a business’s history.

Effective Planning Should Start Immediately: From the moment you start considering moving your business to a new location, you need to be planning for it, even if in the end you decide not to move. The more effective and comprehensive your planning is, the less chance there is of forgetting something and that includes commitments to clients.

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5 Tips To Optimise Your Website’s Structure For SEO

When an SEO specialist discusses SEO services with clients, they will refer to ranking factors like content and backlinks, to name just two of the hundreds of ranking factors that Google includes in its algorithm. Another topic that may get mentioned less often, but is equally vital to securing good search rankings, is website structure. Website structure plays a huge role in giving evidence to Google that it should rank a website higher, and there are several reasons for that being the case.

Websites Optimised For Search Engine Spiders; if a website is structured properly it means when the spiders that searched engines, including Google, send out to crawl websites, what they find provides the correct information. This includes letting search engines know what each page is ranked for, and what its content relates to.

Allows Optimised Internal Linking: Internal links may not have the kudos or the influence on rankings that external backlinks do, but they are still important in SEO. If a website is structured logically then internal links have more effect, such as allowing the authority of external backlinks to flow throughout the website.

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7 Tactics For Reducing Investment Risks

7 Tactics For Reducing Investment Risks

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you will presumably be aware that one of the core principles of building wealth is to have multiple streams of income. If you have ever had any professional financial planning done or had advice from financial advisors, no doubt they too will have told you that the more streams of income you have, the more secure your financial position will be.

As for what those income streams of income should be, in truth that is up to you and will be influenced by the time you have available, how much additional income you wish to earn, and even what income sources interest you. You may seek advice on the matter and if you speak to a financial advisor they will undoubtedly discuss with you investments being a solid income source.

Often when entrepreneurs or even ordinary citizens hear the term “investments” they believe it to be a risky route to follow. That is understandable given the stories you hear of people losing fortunes due to bad investments. As any financial advisor will tell you, thankfully, these scenarios are the exception rather than the rule with most investments being a safe and secure way of increasing your wealth. However, that comes with a caveat.

The caveat is that investing does need some careful thought and consideration, and just randomly investing your wealth with no rhyme or reason is a recipe for disaster. You can also take steps to ensure that your risk is minimised and if you read on we have outlined seven tactics that all investors should be aware of as they can ensure any money they invest is safe.

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Your Options If Someone Is Stealing Content From Your Business’s Website

Your Options If Someone Is Stealing Content From Your Business's Website

Imagine how you would feel if, having spent the effort, time, and expense on having a professional website designed by a web design agency, you publish your site and then weeks later you discover that another business or individual has copied the content on your website and used on theirs. We are assuming that would create any number of emotions including anger.

Whilst copying content from a website might not seem as serious a crime as walking into a business and stealing money or products, but it is stealing, nonetheless. This type of stealing is called copyright theft, and the good news is you do have legal rights that can protect you from it and seek recourse if it happens to you.

The theft of content from a website can elicit a claim for a breach of copyright under the 1968 Copyright Act. The types of content that are covered include written text, images, illustrations, and videos. Almost anything which has been created on your behalf and published on your website should be covered bar a few exceptions, such as public domain content.

If you suspect that someone has stolen content from your website or have evidence that they have done so, then the first step is to contact your commercial lawyer. One of the first tasks they will advise is to try is to have the stolen content removed from where it has been published and your lawyers will also explain the most effective methods of achieving that.

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Who Is The Best SEO In Australia?

Given the sheer number of SEO consultants who live and work in Australia, you might expect us to say that this is an impossible question to answer. Actually, it is not as difficult to answer as you might think, because it is possible to check on them all to assess their success, their results, and most importantly what their clients say about them. Having done so, it is our conclusion that the best SEO consultant in Australia is Peter Brittain.

Peter Brittain is the owner and managing director of the digital marketing agency, Slinky Digital. Slinky Digital offers a broad range of digital marketing services which include web design, PPC advertising, social media management, website security and SEO. They also operate in multiple cities across Australia, including Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

Before we take you to the evidence which we believe shows Peter Brittain to be the top SEO consultant in Australia, let us first discover Peter’s history and how he grew his marketing agency to be the success that it has become.

It All Begins In Perth, WA

One of the major reasons that set Peter Brittain apart from many other SEO consultants is that he was there when it all began. Google was but an online toddler when Peter started his first SEO agency in Perth, back in 2001. Whilst Google has since gone on to become the biggest website on the internet, Peter’s success has also been on a continual upward trajectory in that time too.

That first SEO agency of Peter’s was, and still is, called SEO Perth Experts. Peter has grown it from just himself working in that SEO agency to a company that now employs numerous experts and professionals within the SEO and digital marketing arena. Whilst he still regards Perth as his home and thus has a particular fondness for SEO Perth Experts, Peter now also has clients across the entirety of Australia.

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Useful steps to have Website Feedback

1. Starting early:
while you are planing, you should be keeping in mind having feedback related to your work. As soon as you have started asking for feedback related to your work, it will be particulalry easy for you to make chnages into it. Do not wait for the time when you are invested emotianally and then you start getting feedback for your designs. When you are done with the initial wireframing or skecthing, you should put it in front of your clients and ask them for feedback.

2. Be Open:
you need to be extremely open while you are receiving comments on your work. You should be asking for feedback and comments only when you know that you will be considering them. Do get too close to the layout or the design that you cannot even hear about the constructive and creative ideas are being offered.

3. Make use of accurate tools:
it may happen that you have not used the appropriate tools and that is the reason that you are afraid of asking for the feedback. Luckily, there are numerous tools that are easily accessible and available for free which will be extremely helpful in designing the web layouts. Some of the most prominent and widely used tools are Concept Feedback , with this you can share your layouts as this is a community for developers, marketers, and designers who will be providing you with constructive feedback.

There would be points for reputation that are extremely helpful for users to prioritize the advice.The other one is Five Second Test . This is particularly for the random visitors who will be offered with a test and analyze the designs for around 5 seconds. After the time limit ends, they are asked to list down the points which they have perceived from it.

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5 Key Questions To Ask Of Your Potential Office Removalists

5 Key Questions To Ask Of Your Potential Office Removalists

If you are responsible for planning an office relocation for a business, if you intend to do it correctly, you should have a checklist with a series of tasks that need to be carried out. Hopefully, at the top of that list is choosing a professional removalists company to assist with and implement your relocation. Whether your relocation is down the road or interstate can help you determine on which company to hire, if it is the latter, interstate removalists are necessary.

We will say that upfront because if you try to do an office relocation on the cheap, or cut corners by hiring a van and asking staff to help out, it will certainly prove to be a lot more difficult than it need be. Save yourself the stress, the upheaval, and the regrets by only hiring professionals to help you with your office relocation.

You should not simply pick a removalist company at random. You should do some research, and as part of that, there are specific questions which you want to be answered. In particular, there are the five below which, if the answers are satisfactory, indicate that the removalist company which provides those answers, should also provide you with an excellent office relocation experience and customer service.

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7 Essential Principles Of Designing A High Converting Landing Page

Web designs can be in many forms with each dependant on several factors. These include the business sector, the target audience, the aims of the specific business, and at a practical level, the budget that was invested in the design. The size of a website can also vary with some having hundreds of pages, and others just a single page.

A single-page website invariably is a site that has just one objective and that is to obtain the contact details of those who land on it, which is why it is more often than not called a landing page. Another point about landing pages is that instead of being a single-page website, they often are a page within a website.

In both cases, the website owner will be directing traffic to them from a variety of sources in the hope of obtaining contact details so they can continue marketing to prospects. In almost all cases that will include obtaining a visitor’s email address, with other details such as their name, telephone number often requested too.

The key objective of a landing page is that it converts, simply because it has few other purposes. Unlike other website pages, there is unlikely to be a lot of content, nor is there going to be a great deal of interactivity. A landing page’s sole purpose is to make a visitor take simple actions like submitting their email address and if it fails, it fails absolutely. To avoid this failure you want a landing page that converts, so here are 7 web design principles of landing pages that convert well.

It Should Have A Singular USP: For your landing page to relay a strong message that sparks the thought process of visitors, it should have a clear and distinctive USP from the top of the page to the footer.

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