7 Tips for Ensuring Your Office Relocation Has No Unexpected Dramas

One of the risks of an office relaxation is that it can become an unwieldy mess and that rather than the move being seen as positive, it is viewed by all concerned, including your employees and clients as a negative step. The most common ways that negative scenario occurs are that the relocation is poorly planned, professional office removalists are not used, such as Brilliance Removalists and no support is sought from anyone else.

Rather than list all the other negatives we thought it would be more useful to offer seven tips which are tried and tested in making an office relocation a stress-free, highly organised, and ultimately, a positive event in a business’s history.

Effective Planning Should Start Immediately: From the moment you start considering moving your business to a new location, you need to be planning for it, even if in the end you decide not to move. The more effective and comprehensive your planning is, the less chance there is of forgetting something and that includes commitments to clients.

Employee Involvement And Input Is Essential: Your employees are one of your business’s biggest assets and so you must have their blessing and support for the move. This can be achieved by seeking their involvement from the start and even allowing them input into some of the decisions relating to the office relocation, as often their ideas will be the best ones.

Only Trusted Professional Office Removalists Should Be Considered: The other group of people who are essential for a successful move are your office removalists team. You research and choose which removalists company you are going to hire as soon as possible. Once hired, seek their guidance on how best to ensure your relocation goes smoothly, as well as planning for specific events such as packing before the moving day.

Do Not Skimp On Packing Materials: We have just mentioned packing which brings us nicely to the subject of packing materials. Do not make the mistake of trying to save a few dollars by using cheap boxes and old newspapers as this could cost more if they fail and items get damaged. Be sensible and use the packing materials recommended by your removalists, or better still, purchase the packing materials they offer you.

Decluttering Your Office Before The Move: As part of your move, you will need to assess what office equipment and furniture you are taking to your new premises. This presents you with a great chance to declutter and get rid of much of the superfluous equipment, furniture and documents that are unwanted, damaged, or of no use anymore. Anything not broken can be sold or donated to charity.

Clear And Regular Communication With Interested Parties Is Required: Everyone who has an association with your business including suppliers, clients, and employees need to be kept informed throughout the relocation process. Some will require regular updates, others just notification of your new business address. Make all communications clear so there is no possibility of confusion.

Establish Your New Office Layout In Advance: Our final tip is another related to planning and this is where you plan your new office layout well in advance. Take account of new office equipment or furniture you buy and once again seek input from staff on what they believe is the best layout. If you fail to plan the layout it can cause huge delays in your business getting back to normal as everything needs to be moved to where it should be.