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5 Tips To Optimise Your Website’s Structure For SEO

When an SEO specialist discusses SEO services with clients, they will refer to ranking factors like content and backlinks, to name just two of the hundreds of ranking factors that Google includes in its algorithm. Another topic that may get mentioned less often, but is equally vital to securing good search rankings, is website structure. Website structure plays a huge role in giving evidence to Google that it should rank a website higher, and there are several reasons for that being the case.

Websites Optimised For Search Engine Spiders; if a website is structured properly it means when the spiders that searched engines, including Google, send out to crawl websites, what they find provides the correct information. This includes letting search engines know what each page is ranked for, and what its content relates to.

Allows Optimised Internal Linking: Internal links may not have the kudos or the influence on rankings that external backlinks do, but they are still important in SEO. If a website is structured logically then internal links have more effect, such as allowing the authority of external backlinks to flow throughout the website.

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