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Newsletter content ideas to keep your newsletter interesting

Honestly if you are being consistent and sending a newsletter out once a month you want to keep it fresh and mix in 1-2 of the content ideas but also use other things to rotate. So below I am including newsletter content ideas to keep your newsletter interesting, using these other ideas when you just don’t know what to share.

Reader Group – Do you have a Facebook reader group? Share it, tell your subscribers what you do in the group. Many new to you readers might not know about it, or know how to find it and letting them know in your newsletter is a great way to cross promote your various marketing avenues.

Available Books/Reading Order – You would be surprised to find just how many fans don’t actually know all the books you have out. They might have found you after you got established, or have a hectic life and don’t check your website often and realize your back catalogue. So share it with them in graphical form. Do a graphic with all your novels that are currently out, if in a series put them in order. If you don’t have a lot you can include novellas too, but if you do have a lot then just mention for a full list including novellas to follow a link to your site.

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