7 Ways to Repurpose Your Online Content

One of the biggest hurdles that business owners often feel they have to overcome within their digital marketing is the creation of content. As you should know, content plays a huge role in online marketing including helping improve rankings on Google, building trust with prospects, and creating authority. Despite knowing its importance, some business owners come to a grinding halt in their content creation, as they cannot think of what new material they should create.

Whilst all content should be fresh in the sense that it should not simply be copied and pasted from elsewhere, that does mean that a single piece of content cannot be used in other ways. repurposing content is a highly effective digital marketing tactic, and, for example, it can mean that a single blog post can be turned into 5 or 6 other content items and used to supplement a content creation companion. Here are 7 ways your existing content can be repurposed.

Create A Podcast

An excellent way to repurpose blog posts is to turn each one into a podcast. You can either speak about what you have written in the post or better still ask a friend or colleague to interview you about it. Having an entire series of podcasts on a podcast channel generates a huge amount of authority.

Create An Infographic

Not everyone likes to read, especially if what they are reading is imparting new information to them. Many people prefer to be educated visually and that is where infographics become an option. By breaking a post down into smaller chunks you can create a highly appealing infographic, and if there is enough material, into a series of infographics.

Create A Video

Video is another hugely popular online medium and creating them is not as difficult as you might believe. All you need is a microphone to record your voice, a presentation, which can be created using PowerPoint or Keynote, and screen capture software. You can do all this and never have to appear on camera. Alternatively, you can go in front of the camera and speak about your content as your video is recorded.


Create A Webinar


If you have a subject within your content which you could reasonably speak about for 45 minutes to one hour, then a webinar is an excellent medium to use. As well as gaining new subscribers who sign up for the webinar, it is another way to increase your perceived authority. Webinars can also generate considerable revenue as you can transition from explaining the content to a promotion at the end.


Create A Case Study


Reviews and testimonials on your website are great, but case studies are even better. If any of the content you have written about can be used to illustrate a case study, then use it. You could take it further by turning the case study into a podcast or video, giving you even more content items you can publish.


Create A Report

One of the best ways to obtain and retain subscribers is to give them something of perceived value for nothing. A report which you have created by bringing together two or three of your blog posts is an ideal way to repurpose some of your existing content. To monetise the report you could include links to affiliate products you are promoting.

Create An eBook From Multiple Blog Posts

If you have the time you could create a product from your blog posts by pulling together the best ones into an eBook. You could then launch this as a standalone product, use it as a bonus for affiliate promotions or simply use it as a freebie to attract new subscribers.