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7 Tactics For Reducing Investment Risks

7 Tactics For Reducing Investment Risks

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you will presumably be aware that one of the core principles of building wealth is to have multiple streams of income. If you have ever had any professional financial planning done or had advice from financial advisors, no doubt they too will have told you that the more streams of income you have, the more secure your financial position will be.

As for what those income streams of income should be, in truth that is up to you and will be influenced by the time you have available, how much additional income you wish to earn, and even what income sources interest you. You may seek advice on the matter and if you speak to a financial advisor they will undoubtedly discuss with you investments being a solid income source.

Often when entrepreneurs or even ordinary citizens hear the term “investments” they believe it to be a risky route to follow. That is understandable given the stories you hear of people losing fortunes due to bad investments. As any financial advisor will tell you, thankfully, these scenarios are the exception rather than the rule with most investments being a safe and secure way of increasing your wealth. However, that comes with a caveat.

The caveat is that investing does need some careful thought and consideration, and just randomly investing your wealth with no rhyme or reason is a recipe for disaster. You can also take steps to ensure that your risk is minimised and if you read on we have outlined seven tactics that all investors should be aware of as they can ensure any money they invest is safe.

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Your Options If Someone Is Stealing Content From Your Business’s Website

Your Options If Someone Is Stealing Content From Your Business's Website

Imagine how you would feel if, having spent the effort, time, and expense on having a professional website designed by a web design agency, you publish your site and then weeks later you discover that another business or individual has copied the content on your website and used on theirs. We are assuming that would create any number of emotions including anger.

Whilst copying content from a website might not seem as serious a crime as walking into a business and stealing money or products, but it is stealing, nonetheless. This type of stealing is called copyright theft, and the good news is you do have legal rights that can protect you from it and seek recourse if it happens to you.

The theft of content from a website can elicit a claim for a breach of copyright under the 1968 Copyright Act. The types of content that are covered include written text, images, illustrations, and videos. Almost anything which has been created on your behalf and published on your website should be covered bar a few exceptions, such as public domain content.

If you suspect that someone has stolen content from your website or have evidence that they have done so, then the first step is to contact your commercial lawyer. One of the first tasks they will advise is to try is to have the stolen content removed from where it has been published and your lawyers will also explain the most effective methods of achieving that.

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5 Key Questions To Ask Of Your Potential Office Removalists

5 Key Questions To Ask Of Your Potential Office Removalists

If you are responsible for planning an office relocation for a business, if you intend to do it correctly, you should have a checklist with a series of tasks that need to be carried out. Hopefully, at the top of that list is choosing a professional removalists company to assist with and implement your relocation. Whether your relocation is down the road or interstate can help you determine on which company to hire, if it is the latter, interstate removalists are necessary.

We will say that upfront because if you try to do an office relocation on the cheap, or cut corners by hiring a van and asking staff to help out, it will certainly prove to be a lot more difficult than it need be. Save yourself the stress, the upheaval, and the regrets by only hiring professionals to help you with your office relocation.

You should not simply pick a removalist company at random. You should do some research, and as part of that, there are specific questions which you want to be answered. In particular, there are the five below which, if the answers are satisfactory, indicate that the removalist company which provides those answers, should also provide you with an excellent office relocation experience and customer service.

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How hard is it to let go of the business you built?

You are an entrepreneur and built up a business. You are getting older and you have a choice, you can give/sell the business to your kids or you can sell the business to a third party. Is that an easy thing to do?

Many people who have built up a business find it hard to let go of their business. They want to slow down but they still want to call the shots. I am aware of a business where the father built up a successful business. He would travel to Florida and lived there for 3 months and he would let his kids who were in the 50’s t0 run the business.

Even though he was in Florida, he wanted to still be informed daily of what was going on and he still had to approve of what the kids did. He then appointed an heir to run the business but this was one of the kids, two of the kids were left out and in fact one left the family business.

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Start up businesses – how do you value them when you are looking for equity?

There are many ways to value a company. Some people use a multiple of normalized earnings. There are different multiples for different types of businesses and different locations of businesses. A business may have a higher multiple in a big city vs a town.

The multiple also changes depending on what part of the country you are located in. Some investors use discounted cash flow, others look at liquidation of the assets if real estate is involved. There are many different ways to value a business but none are applicable to a start up company.

You have a start up business which needs money to get to the next stage. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive type of financing because this stage of financing is very risky. The investor may not get his money back, there is no guarantee that the venture will be successful and there may be no liquidation value in the assets of the company if it does not succeed. Since this is risky, investors are looking for large returns. A person who will invest in this stage of business may be called an angel investor or venture capitalist.

They are typically looking for a 25% ROI. They play the numbers game, for every 10 investments they do, 8 will fail and 2 will be a home run. The return on the 2 will more than compensate for the loss on the 8 bad ones.

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