5 Reasons Landscapers Gain A Huge Competitive Advantage By Using Email Marketing Campaigns

All landscaper architects should be aware that there are many marketing channels and strategies that you can use to promote your landscaping business online. Whether you opt to pursue these yourself or employ a digital marketing agency to do it for you will be down to your preference and available budget, but, whichever you choose, we strongly recommend that you ensure email marketing is part of the plan.

It is often stated that the measure of how well something works is the length of time it remains in use. We are sure those who remember ‘My Space’ will concur that if we were suggesting that as a way to promote your landscaping business you would quickly discard that idea. However, we are not suggesting ‘My Space’ but instead email marketing.

Email has been in use for as long as the internet has, and more to the point has been used by businesses of all kinds to build a captive audience and to promote their products and services. That will certainly include landscaping businesses which means if you are not yet using email marketing, you are in danger of being overtaken by your competitors in terms of gaining new clients and clients who make repeat purchases of landscaping services.

You might be asking “What are the benefits of using email marketing?“, and that is a question that we hear often. The answer is outlined below within the five reasons why email marketing can provide your landscaping business with a huge competitive advantage over other landscapers.

Reason #1 – It Is Not Complicated

Whereas several online marketing strategies are complex and require all kinds of software and tools with steep learning curves, email marketing does not. After all, you have sent emails, have you not? A keyboard to type emails and an autoresponder service to store your subscribers’ details and send your emails to them, are all that you need.

Reason #2 – Campaigns Can Be Set Up In Advance

Many business owners and marketers cite this as their favourite benefit of email marketing. In essence, it allows you to plan and create an entire email campaign, schedule each email to be sent at a specific time and day, and then you go about running your landscaping business whilst your email autoresponder automatically proceeds to send each email as you do so.

Reason #3 – It Is An Ideal Way To Connect With Prospects And Clients

Numerous marketing channels do not allow for much personalisation or the means to build a genuine relationship with your audience. That is not the case with email marketing as each email can be personalised with your subscriber’s name, and further, if you so wish, based on actions that each subscriber takes. Plus, each email you send goes into their personal email inbox where you are, in effect, communicating with them one on one.

Reason #4 – All Your Campaigns Can Be Analysed In Detail

No marketing campaign should be set and forgotten with regard to how it performs. You should always be seeking to analyse how it performs and make subsequent improvements to boost its performance. Email marketing gives you that with stats on delivery, open rates, and click-through rates meaning you can assess subject lines and calls to action, for example, and improve them on subsequent emails.

Reason #5 – It Offers One Of The Best ROIs Online

All marketing is done to create a return on what has been spent on it, and without fear of contradiction, we can confidently say that email marketing has one of the highest ROIs of any marketing channel online. Your autoresponder fees each month are the price of a pizza, and if just one email produces a client, it will have paid for itself hundreds of times over. Better, it will continue to do so provided you focus on sending quality emails and analysing your campaign’s data.