Who Is The Best SEO In Australia?

Given the sheer number of SEO consultants who live and work in Australia, you might expect us to say that this is an impossible question to answer. Actually, it is not as difficult to answer as you might think, because it is possible to check on them all to assess their success, their results, and most importantly what their clients say about them. Having done so, it is our conclusion that the best SEO consultant in Australia is Peter Brittain.

Peter Brittain is the owner and managing director of the digital marketing agency, Slinky Digital. Slinky Digital offers a broad range of digital marketing services which include web design, PPC advertising, social media management, website security and SEO. They also operate in multiple cities across Australia, including Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

Before we take you to the evidence which we believe shows Peter Brittain to be the top SEO consultant in Australia, let us first discover Peter’s history and how he grew his marketing agency to be the success that it has become.

It All Begins In Perth, WA

One of the major reasons that set Peter Brittain apart from many other SEO consultants is that he was there when it all began. Google was but an online toddler when Peter started his first SEO agency in Perth, back in 2001. Whilst Google has since gone on to become the biggest website on the internet, Peter’s success has also been on a continual upward trajectory in that time too.

That first SEO agency of Peter’s was, and still is, called SEO Perth Experts. Peter has grown it from just himself working in that SEO agency to a company that now employs numerous experts and professionals within the SEO and digital marketing arena. Whilst he still regards Perth as his home and thus has a particular fondness for SEO Perth Experts, Peter now also has clients across the entirety of Australia.

The Key To Peter Brittain’s SEO Success

This might not be the most earth-shattering original answer you will hear to explain someone’s success but here it is…Peter gets results. Just as every top sportsperson, lawyer, and movie actor is judged by how they perform in a stadium, in court or on the silver screen respectively, Peter Brittain has been able to grow his digital marketing company based upon the results he has achieved for his clients.

That applies especially to his SEO clients because when Peter and his team implement an SEO campaign, the client’s website moves to the top positions in Google. Then those clients start seeing ever-increasing numbers of website visitors who then become paying clients. As such they are more than happy to sing Peter’s praises about what he can achieve via SEO.

If you run a business and another business owner you know explains how their company’s revenue has multiplied several times over, due to the SEO work Peter had done. The first thing you would do is find out how to contact Peter to do likewise for your business.

That same scenario has played out time and time again where Peter’s expertise and experience supported by the team he employs have achieved success, not just for a few clients,  but dozens of them, to the extent that he could confidently say he has been responsible for sending millions of visitors to his clients’ websites.

Examples Of Peter Brittain’s SEO Success Stories

Just as you would want proof that someone was the fastest runner, the best lawyer, or the highest-scoring batsman, it is fair to ask for the proof that has led us to conclude that Peter Brittain is the top SEO in Australia. All of the results which follow can be verified and many of them are backed up by his clients giving testimonials about the success Peter and his team of SEO experts have contributed to due to the SEO they have done for those clients.

  • Within 12 months of starting SEO for an online liquor merchant, Peter and his team took a brand new website from ranking for zero keywords on Google to a position where it was ranking for 4000 (yes four thousand!) keywords. Each keyword generated traffic and led to an increase in website visitors for that business from 250 per month to a staggering 7,000 per month.
  • A wholesale plant nursery had trouble attracting online customers, even though it was the largest company of its kind in Australia. Peter Brittain was able to create an SEO strategy that included extensive link building which increased the exposure of the company’s brand across the entire country.
  • A well-established villa accommodation company in Bali whose target market was the whole of Australia was struggling to gain any traction on Google and struggled to compete with larger, global brands. The SEO campaign Peter and his team created, included building the company a new website and within six months it was receiving enquiries from all over the country thanks to it ranking #1 for many of its high volume, competitive search terms.
  • In Sydney, NSW, Peter’s team were able to help an award-winning landscaping design and construction company whose website had been penalised by Google due to poor SEO practices by a previous agency. Not only did Peter fix what was wrong, but he also improved the SEO so much that it dominated Google’s search results for competitive keywords and the amount of traffic to the landscaping company’s website rose by almost 149%.
  • One of Perth’s leading cosmetic dental and dental implants clinics was successful, but its online traffic was negligible. Tasked with improving it, Peter set about creating a comprehensive SEO campaign for them including link building and optimising their website. The result was that the traffic to the dental clinic’s website increased by an impressive 193%.

Apart from results like these, of which there are countless others achieved by Peter Brittain, there are also numerous positive testimonials from his clients, many of whom have been loyal to Peter for over ten years. Praise like:

  • “We would highly recommend him”
  • “We will be long term clients!”
  • “Would highly recommend this SEO company.”
  • “Highly recommend Peter and the team for SEO.”
  • “We are currently number 1 on most of our keywords (most important keywords) and the phone has been ringing nonstop.”
  • “Peter and I have worked together for over 10 years, and I’ve always been really happy with the results. You’re in safe hands.”

Those results and  appraisals only happen when someone is at the top of their profession. For Peter Brittain that profession is SEO, and as such we can only conclude that he is the top SEO in Australia.