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Useful steps to have Website Feedback

1. Starting early:
while you are planing, you should be keeping in mind having feedback related to your work. As soon as you have started asking for feedback related to your work, it will be particulalry easy for you to make chnages into it. Do not wait for the time when you are invested emotianally and then you start getting feedback for your designs. When you are done with the initial wireframing or skecthing, you should put it in front of your clients and ask them for feedback.

2. Be Open:
you need to be extremely open while you are receiving comments on your work. You should be asking for feedback and comments only when you know that you will be considering them. Do get too close to the layout or the design that you cannot even hear about the constructive and creative ideas are being offered.

3. Make use of accurate tools:
it may happen that you have not used the appropriate tools and that is the reason that you are afraid of asking for the feedback. Luckily, there are numerous tools that are easily accessible and available for free which will be extremely helpful in designing the web layouts. Some of the most prominent and widely used tools are Concept Feedback , with this you can share your layouts as this is a community for developers, marketers, and designers who will be providing you with constructive feedback.

There would be points for reputation that are extremely helpful for users to prioritize the advice.The other one is Five Second Test . This is particularly for the random visitors who will be offered with a test and analyze the designs for around 5 seconds. After the time limit ends, they are asked to list down the points which they have perceived from it.

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5 Key Questions To Ask Of Your Potential Office Removalists

5 Key Questions To Ask Of Your Potential Office Removalists

If you are responsible for planning an office relocation for a business, if you intend to do it correctly, you should have a checklist with a series of tasks that need to be carried out. Hopefully, at the top of that list is choosing a professional removalists company to assist with and implement your relocation. Whether your relocation is down the road or interstate can help you determine on which company to hire, if it is the latter, interstate removalists are necessary.

We will say that upfront because if you try to do an office relocation on the cheap, or cut corners by hiring a van and asking staff to help out, it will certainly prove to be a lot more difficult than it need be. Save yourself the stress, the upheaval, and the regrets by only hiring professionals to help you with your office relocation.

You should not simply pick a removalist company at random. You should do some research, and as part of that, there are specific questions which you want to be answered. In particular, there are the five below which, if the answers are satisfactory, indicate that the removalist company which provides those answers, should also provide you with an excellent office relocation experience and customer service.

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7 Essential Principles Of Designing A High Converting Landing Page

Web designs can be in many forms with each dependant on several factors. These include the business sector, the target audience, the aims of the specific business, and at a practical level, the budget that was invested in the design. The size of a website can also vary with some having hundreds of pages, and others just a single page.

A single-page website invariably is a site that has just one objective and that is to obtain the contact details of those who land on it, which is why it is more often than not called a landing page. Another point about landing pages is that instead of being a single-page website, they often are a page within a website.

In both cases, the website owner will be directing traffic to them from a variety of sources in the hope of obtaining contact details so they can continue marketing to prospects. In almost all cases that will include obtaining a visitor’s email address, with other details such as their name, telephone number often requested too.

The key objective of a landing page is that it converts, simply because it has few other purposes. Unlike other website pages, there is unlikely to be a lot of content, nor is there going to be a great deal of interactivity. A landing page’s sole purpose is to make a visitor take simple actions like submitting their email address and if it fails, it fails absolutely. To avoid this failure you want a landing page that converts, so here are 7 web design principles of landing pages that convert well.

It Should Have A Singular USP: For your landing page to relay a strong message that sparks the thought process of visitors, it should have a clear and distinctive USP from the top of the page to the footer.

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7 Ways to Repurpose Your Online Content

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Online Content

One of the biggest hurdles that business owners often feel they have to overcome within their digital marketing is the creation of content. As you should know, content plays a huge role in online marketing including helping improve rankings on Google, building trust with prospects, and creating authority. Despite knowing its importance, some business owners come to a grinding halt in their content creation, as they cannot think of what new material they should create.

Whilst all content should be fresh in the sense that it should not simply be copied and pasted from elsewhere, that does mean that a single piece of content cannot be used in other ways. repurposing content is a highly effective digital marketing tactic, and, for example, it can mean that a single blog post can be turned into 5 or 6 other content items and used to supplement a content creation companion. Here are 7 ways your existing content can be repurposed.

Create A Podcast

An excellent way to repurpose blog posts is to turn each one into a podcast. You can either speak about what you have written in the post or better still ask a friend or colleague to interview you about it. Having an entire series of podcasts on a podcast channel generates a huge amount of authority.

Create An Infographic

Not everyone likes to read, especially if what they are reading is imparting new information to them. Many people prefer to be educated visually and that is where infographics become an option. By breaking a post down into smaller chunks you can create a highly appealing infographic, and if there is enough material, into a series of infographics.

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10 Awesome Ways To Boost Your ROI From Instagram Marketing

10 Awesome Ways To Boost Your ROI From Instagram Marketing

For those businesses that sell products and services whose appeal can be augmented by them being seen or represented visually, many online channels can be used to market them. However, there is one, in particular, which must be considered, not least because it is the 4th largest social media website by user numbers on the internet. That platform is Instagram, whose usage has grown exponentially in the past 10 years to around 1.5 billion active users.

Any business that wants to get its products and services in front of the eyes of some of those users who also happen to be their target audience will find Instagram to be an excellent platform to do so, but with the caveat that it must be done correctly. To assist you in that, here are 10 awesome ways to boost the return on investment from marketing on Instagram.

#1: Determine Your Objectives – No marketing campaign on Instagram or any other platform for that matter will be successful as it should be if it does not have clear and specific goals. So, before you so much as upload an image, set your campaign’s objectives, first.

#2: Ensure Your Bio Is Optimised – The first sight of your brand any Instagram users will have is your bio, so it must be fully optimised. Describe your products and services, your other social media platforms, your brand’s hashtags, and your logo as a minimum.

#3: Fully Utilise Your Content – Instagram is an image content platform but that does not mean that you simply publish photos ad infinitum. You want to optimise them all with text, callouts, additional graphics, colour, and lots of calls to action to encourage shares of your content.

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Newsletter content ideas to keep your newsletter interesting

Honestly if you are being consistent and sending a newsletter out once a month you want to keep it fresh and mix in 1-2 of the content ideas but also use other things to rotate. So below I am including newsletter content ideas to keep your newsletter interesting, using these other ideas when you just don’t know what to share.

Reader Group – Do you have a Facebook reader group? Share it, tell your subscribers what you do in the group. Many new to you readers might not know about it, or know how to find it and letting them know in your newsletter is a great way to cross promote your various marketing avenues.

Available Books/Reading Order – You would be surprised to find just how many fans don’t actually know all the books you have out. They might have found you after you got established, or have a hectic life and don’t check your website often and realize your back catalogue. So share it with them in graphical form. Do a graphic with all your novels that are currently out, if in a series put them in order. If you don’t have a lot you can include novellas too, but if you do have a lot then just mention for a full list including novellas to follow a link to your site.

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Online Graphs and Chart Generators

There are some web servcees that are providing you with the facility of creating charts or graphs easily by being online. All of them are user-firendly and you do not even have to worry about the templates and designs. You can check out the screen shots and if you do not like them, you can change them right away.
Following are some of the online services that are offering consumers with graphs and chart Generation.

Rich Chart Live: you can easily create captivating and enjoyable Flash Charts or graphs from your web browsers.

DIY Chart: DIY is a short form of Do it yourself. And this application means that you can create the web-based charts and graphs on your own with powerful, robust and simple online tools that can generate you with dynamic or even static diagrams, or anyway you like them to.

Online Chart Generator: this is one of the best online graph and chart generation tool which is useful in generating 3D graphs which are indeed amazing and are created just in few seconds.
Link: this tool has simply tore down the difficulty and intricacy of online visualizations by offering consumers with interactivity, ubiquity and simple online chart generators.

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How hard is it to let go of the business you built?

You are an entrepreneur and built up a business. You are getting older and you have a choice, you can give/sell the business to your kids or you can sell the business to a third party. Is that an easy thing to do?

Many people who have built up a business find it hard to let go of their business. They want to slow down but they still want to call the shots. I am aware of a business where the father built up a successful business. He would travel to Florida and lived there for 3 months and he would let his kids who were in the 50’s t0 run the business.

Even though he was in Florida, he wanted to still be informed daily of what was going on and he still had to approve of what the kids did. He then appointed an heir to run the business but this was one of the kids, two of the kids were left out and in fact one left the family business.

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